“For the Love of god, Dress Appropriately!”

Kyle Mason is not satisfied with the way his roommate Lily Jordan behaves. Of course he could have chose not to care. Fact is, when Lily is stamped as a mattress, Kyle’s respect on campus will go down to. Lily Jordan, on the other hand, loves to flaunt her tight teen body by wearing a bra and panties as she hangs around the house. They have several such encounters with Kyle becoming increasingly distraught each time as he becomes overwhelmed by temptation. Lily picks up on Kyle’s discomfort and teases and taunts him to be less of a prude.

Giving in to her naughty side, Lily starts placing Kyle’s hands on her boobs and bare pussy. Kyle feels kinda helpless, he wasn’t expecting this. But, as he thought to himself, “damn this feels good”. She sucks Kyle’s cock with plenty of deep throat action. Then she climbs on top of Kyle’s lap and pushes her perky tits in his face while sliding down onto his fuck stick. Entering Lily’s wet and fuck-ready cunt makes him almost faint. He had never imagined her tiny little wet Teen twat would feel this good.
– Maybe having a slut at home isn’t so bad after all?”, he thought to himself. While he emptied his overfilled balls deep inside Lily Jordan’s incredible pussy. 
She knew she now would be ‘allowed’ to dress anyway she wanted. Got a new lover in the process too!


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