Facial Wasn’t Enough for Carmen, Aims for a Creampie Too

Latina teen Carmen Caliente wants to know what cum tastes like. Her stepbrother T. Stone overhears her and lets her know that his cum tastes like kiwi. When Carmen asks to try T.’s cum, he agrees to let her taste, but only if she sucks him off. She gets down on her hands and knees. Carmen sucks and strokes until he rewards her with a mouth full of hot sperm. He was right, it definitely tastes like kiwi.

Later, Carmen tells him that she wants to grow a kiwi by mixing their juices. To get him in the mood, Carmen pulls out his stiffie and starts sucking. She knows he likes it. She climbs on top of him so that she can totally impale herself on his cock. Riding his fuck stick as her moans of pleasure fill the room, Carmen is a sight to behold while her perky tits bounce.

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Pulling Carmen’s thong down,  her stepbrother goes to work, fucking his stepsister from behind. His long, hard strokes bring her right to climax, and when he flips her over and keeps pounding away she reaches yet another one. He just can’t hold on another moment, but when he tries to pull out, Carmen insists he cum inside her.  This way the juices of his creampie can help her grow a kiwi.

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