Black Step Dad Gives Keilani a Lesson

Black step dad Orwell could not forget his awesome fuck with step daughter Keilani Kita. She had spied on him in the shower and it all ended with a quick fuck. Since it all was so sudden, he couldn’t help but feel he missed to seize the moment. So, how to get another fuck? It was easier than he had thought …

One day he got this idea and went to Keilani’s room. She was immediately aroused when she saw her black step dad in the doorway.

“Young lady, you listen to me.” he said in a severe voice, trying not to laugh, “you were wrong to spy on me in the shower that day!”
“oh, I’m so sorry dad, I didn’t intend to” Keilani said, playfully going along.
“So, I have to punish you, being your step dad and all.”
“How?” she replied in an innocent voice.

Soon Keilani Kita was fucking her black step dad again. We’re sure this won’t be the last time …