Alexa Nova’s Incredible Bendy Body to Fuck

American ballerina Alexa Nova is touring in Europe and has been paired up with Ricky Rascal. Liking what she sees, she makes herself as hot as possible.  When she realizes the feeling is mutual, she goes all in. She’s quick to accept his kisses and caresses, soon abandoning her practice. She’d rather be in favor of enjoying the feel from Ricky’s hands on her small boobs.

Using the barre for balance, Alexa lifts one leg to give Ricky as much room as he could imagine for his pussy feast. Rising to his feet, he slides his eager cock deep into that tight twat and starts thrusting his hips in a preview of things to come. First however, Alexa sinks down to wrap her sweet lips around Ricky’s pusling cock. When he lifts her up to do a standing 69, she keeps sucking as her pussy pulses with explosive joy.

They now move to the couch. Alexa now shows off her flexibility by linking her ankles around her neck. This give Ricky a wide open fuck hole to pound. His climax is fast, leaving him to pull out at the last moment so that he can cover her breasts and belly with the salty white cream she loves to lick.


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